Janet Jackson, also known as Janet Damita Jo Jackson, was an American pop star, songwriter, and actress. This American superstar was born on May 16th, 1966. Janet Jackson gained her fame and popularity when she was popular for a series of innovative, conscious and, mainly sexually, provocative. In addition, she was also popular for her elaborate and fascinating stage performance, film roles, and television roles. The other achievement that she made was being a prominent figure in the culture of pop songs for more than twenty-five years. This youngest child in the Jackson family began her career trajectory with a great number of television series, such series as The Jackson, as well as Good Times and Fame. She commenced these television careers in the 1970s to 1980s. Having sung for a contract with A&M in 1982, Janet Jackson turned into a great pop icon which led to the release of her album entitled Control in 1986. It was in this album that Janet made her collaboration with famous record producers such as Terry Lewis and Jimmy Jam. In this album, they made a tremendous success by infusing the elements of funk, disco, rap, industrial beats, and rhythm and blues. Following all these sparkles about Janet Jackson, there were some rumors saying that Janet Jackson had once taken plastic surgery to keep her youthful beauty intact. Those shocking news were exactly on everyone’s lip.  The rumors about Janet Jackson plastic surgery were also made even shocking when there were a great number of pictures explicating the difference between before and after she took the surgical procedure.

A Real Youthful Look?

So what did she get from the knife? Well, there has been a plethora of rumors that kept the buzz about Janet Jackson taking the plastic surgery.  These were corroborated by the popping pictures showing Janet Jackson’s difference before and after taking the surgical procedures. Regardless of the anonymity of the resources relinquishing the pictures as well as the accompanying photos, the public was totally shocked by the existence of the images on the internet. Once it was rumored that Janet Jackson decided to undergo the surgical procedures on doctor’s demand, it was popped when she was taking part in a Vogue conference in Dubai. It was during this special event that Janet Jackson was not recognized! Soon after, the public began speculating about the artificial beauty that was so popular among superstars. This youngest sister of the late Michael Jackson admitted that she once took plastic surgery to have her nose done.

What the photos said about the plastic surgery around Janet Jackson

When asked to confirm this statement, she, however, mentioned that she would not have another surgery. This surely was contradictive to the ever emerging news about Janet Jackson plastic surgery. The other thing that was also said about the change was that her body. Most people would think that she had another knife work on her body. But, Janet Jackson disconfirmed this issue and said that she gained her sexy look through a strict diet and tough workouts on a daily basis. Now let us try to have some comparison, like most people do when they are shocked by the news. If you refer to the photo on the net which compared her face in 2012 and that in 2014, you may spot some differences. If you look carefully at the former photos showing her nose and breasts, you will see that Janet Jackson had plastic surgery. This was convinced by the artificial look in those aforementioned areas. Nowadays, either through modern day enhancements of natural relaxation, she does look beautiful and natural as if she had modern day procedure.