Jerry Jones, one of the famous figures in the history of American basketball leagues, was an inspirational person who once played for the character Baxter Cain. He was also known as the owner of the Dallas Felons, captured in a movie entitled BASKETBALL. Jerry Jones once had a brief cameo appearance in the late 1990s. It was made for the purpose of reunion movie Dallas: War of the Ewings. in addition, Jerry Jones was also involved on a TV show named Coach as well as a television commercial, Diet Pepsi MAX. It was in this commercial that he worked with Wade Phillips and Tony Romo. Jones has been recently involved in a commercial named Papa John’s wherein a stunt man taker part to perform a dance action. Needless to say, there was also some popping buzz about Jerry Jones running plastic surgery to keep his youthful look, which apparently does not withstand the aging problem. Well, just like any other figures in the realm of the Hollywood industry, the issues pertaining to the surgical procedures were almost always incumbent on every figure. This also included Jerry Jones. Jerry Jones was once reported to have had plastic surgery. This was, of course, shocking to everyone in as much as Jerry Jones was involved in a great number of businesses.

Did Jerry Jones indeed have plastic surgery?

If we are really tempted to find out the answer, it will all depend on your personal judgment. There have been lots of pictures evoking myriads of issues about Jerry Jones plastic surgery. It was also grappled with the plastic surgery issue that once he was also said to have recovered from a mysterious surgery, which, of course, made the plastic surgery rumor even more mysterious yet confusing. Facelift denotes a type of the plastics surgery that is usually taken to bring down or to get rid of the wrinkles. In addition, it also can make a change in the shape of the face to be tighter or slighter. Based on some issues buzzing about Jerry Jones plastic surgery, it was also known that the surgery which was chosen by Jerry Jones in his appearance. If you look at some pictures issued on the internet, you will see some changes in his appearance. His facelift was rather different from the other men at his age. For sure, he does look young even though he has been aged. In fact, Jerry Jones is already seventy years old. It was not surprising of course to see such a wealthy person to have such a youthful look when he is supposed to look old. For Jerry, having this kind of plastic surgery done to excel his appearance is a piece of cake.

Jerry Jones plastic surgery- was it true?

Just as we heard shocking news about plastic surgery, the news on Jerry Jones taking plastic surgery was also rumored to be true, rather than being a mere rumor. Once there was an interview in which Jerry Jones indeed made a statement saying that he once had the plastic surgery. He said that ladies would not leave him as he already got a new look, a more fascinating one and, without a doubt, somewhat youthful. It was also corroborated by some pictures in which Jerry Jones was caught to be with a sexy chick in a hotel room. This picture clearly showed that Jerry Jones pawed the lady’s boobs and her genitals. In addition, he was also seemed to have her crawling underneath his privates. Public thought that the plastic surgery was done in purpose to keep him popular among ladies.